Here are a few of the Dagger Canoes we offer.  Many other models are available.



Reflection 14 - 14, 64lbs, the Reflection 14 is the shortest most maneuverable canoe.  Bow, stern and center seats standard for solo or tandem paddling.  The stability of this boat makes it perfect for fishing and sporting.


Reflection 15 - 15-4, 60lbs, the Reflection 15 has balanced flat water and river performance.  Great small family canoe suitable for weekend trips with the option of a center seat for solo paddling.
The reflection epitomizes the multiple-personality pleasures of of a well designed canoe" - Outside Magazine's Buyers Guide


Reflection 16 - This canoe shares all the features of the Reflection 15 but includes more load capacity and has a faster design.
Wide-beamed and stable enough for even the beginner canoeist to handle with relative ease" - Camping Life Magazine


Reflection 17 - 17-4, 72 lbs, the Reflection 17 is the fastest and roomiest of the reflection series with a large capacity for multiple day tripping.


Legend 16 - Great entry level canoe designed primarily for rivers but performs well on flat-water.  Unique seat configuration allows for solo paddling by sitting in the bow seat "backwards".
Eddy turns were pretty sharp, maneuverability was very good, and response to strokes was instant and sharp" - River Magazine


Venture 17 - 17, 74lbs, the Venture 17 is a great wilderness tripping boat. Great speed in flats, and very predictable through the rapids.  Capacity to haul months worth of gear in an outing.