Liability waivers

All patrons MUST complete a liability waiver to join us on the Brandywine. To expedite the check-in process we suggest everyone fill out their waivers before arriving. Remember each individual needs their own waiver.

Click here to print out your own.

For larger groups the leader must also complete a Group Leader Responsibility Form.

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Safety Videos

Looking for more information about our trips? Or maybe a nice dose of nostalgia? Feel free to enjoy any of our safety videos below.

12 Mile Canoe/Kayak Trip:

No guided trips are available at this time.*

6 Mile Canoe/Kayak Trip:

No guided trips are available at this time.*

1.5 Mile Tube Trip:

No guided trips are available at this time.*

River Maps

Click on the links below to print out your own map of the Brandywine River.

Canoe or Kayak Trip Map

Tubing Trip Map

frequently asked questions

How many people fit in a canoe?

Each canoe is equipped with two seats, and there is a fair amount of space on the floor of the boats. Generally speaking, 3 average-sized adults or 2 adults and 2 small children would be the maximum.

Is there a minimum age for any of your trips?

The minimum age for all of our trips is 5 years old.

What is the Brandywine River like (fast/slow)?

The Brandywine River is a very slow, meandering river. It is ideal for beginners or older couples that want a relaxing ride without having a lot of prior canoe/kayak knowledge or skill. The river is usually about 2-3' deep on average, although there are spots that are deeper and also some spots that are more shallow. Water level is always in direct relation to the amount of precipitation we have had in the area.

For current water levels, click here for the USGS website.

Can I bring my own canoe or kayak on one of your trips?

Yes you can. We charge $47 per canoe or kayak. We will transport you to either our 6 or 12 mile trip locations (according to our normal trip schedule). You will need to make a reservation a few days in advance.

Are the canoe/kayak/tubing trips guided?

No, we do not have guides for our trips on the Brandywine River. We are an outfitter that provides trips and the service of transportation to and from the river. None of our staff are certified guides.

Are we allowed to bring food and beverages on the trips on the Brandywine River?

Yes, you may bring food and non-alcoholic beverages. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND GLASS CONTAINERS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Please be aware that we need to keep our waterways clean, so remember that all trash needs to be carried out in a trash bag or other similar device.

Are we allowed to bring pets on the river trips?

Yes, friendly pets are welcome to play on the river as well, although owners must be aware that they will be riding in vans or buses to the river put-in and must get along with other people and possibly other pets. You are responsible for your pet.

Where do we access the river for the 6 and 12 mile canoe/tandem or solo kayak trips?

We put everyone in for the 12mi trip at the Brandywine Picnic Park at Lenape, and the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford for the 6mi trip. Our 1.5mi tube trip starts at Smith Bridge and all trips end at Thompson's Bridge in the Brandywine Creek State Park.

What is the maximum number of people that you can accommodate?

We keep a stock of about 100 canoes, 30 kayaks, and 250 tubes in the middle of the summer. If you have a large group, the further in advance the reservation is made, the more likely we are able to accommodate your group. On busy days we use school buses to transport customers to and from the river.

What is the refund policy for trips?

Weather conditions for outdoor activities change constantly throughout the day. We try to make reasonable predictions on weather conditions every morning at 7am, before trips are scheduled to depart. However, during the course of the day before our 5pm closing time, numerous changes may occur in local weather conditions that we simply cannot predict. Therefore, the policy at Wilderness Canoe Trips is NOT TO OFFER REFUNDS due to weather conditions during your outdoor activity. Keep in mind though, that we do not accept payment for any trip until the day of nor do we require deposits. Therefore, you have the ability to make cancellations at your discretion.

For current weather information, click here.

Can I order a boat through your store if you do not have it in stock?

Yes, we are able to order a canoe or kayak for you even though we do not currently have it in stock or just don't have the color you want. Sale prices are only on in stock items.

Do you sell used canoes and kayaks?

Yes, we are the largest dealer in the tri-state area for new as well as used canoes and kayaks. We sell our trip canoes and kayaks at the end of every season. We have a variety of used boats, from needing repairs to a single season of use.  Please call us for availability and prices.

Can I bring my own PFD?

Yes, as long as it is U.S. Coast Guard approved.

What is considered secure and appropriate footwear?

Appropriate footwear would include old sneakers, Tevas, Keens, Crocs, watershoes, and anything similar.  The shoes must have some sort of strap or fastener to hold them on your feet. NO FLIP FLOPS OR BARE FEET!

What does it mean to portage?

Portaging means to carry your craft around an obstruction in the river.  You must remove your boat from the water and lift it around any dams or other blockages.