Starting Point: Brandywine Picnic Park at Lenape


pricing: $75 per canoe or tandem kayak, $65 per Solo kayak


We ask that you arrive at least a half hour before your scheduled trip departure. Parking is available in the far lot behind Grotto Pizza in the Fairfax Shopping Center. After gathering their group, leaders should report to the front desk with signed liability waivers for EACH person. Waivers are available on the FAQs & More page. All participants are required to take the provided life jackets on the trips. Secure footwear must be worn by everyone. There is a brief safety video to watch before loading the shuttles. It is roughly a 25 minute drive to the Brandywine Picnic Park, the starting point for your trip. Your watercraft and paddles will be ready for you, upon arrival.

During your 4 hour paddle you will pass two small dams. We ask that you portage around each on the left hand side. Simply navigate your boat to the river bank, disembark, and drag the craft a short distance around the dam. Once past the obstruction, get back into your boat and continue on your way. The first dam you will portage is the Wyeth dam; the second is located just before the Route 1 bridge. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT GO OVER THE DAMS, EVEN IF IT APPEARS CLEAR.